Common Questions

What To Expect at the Consultation

Finding the right therapist to support you is important, and at the same time, the search can feel overwhelming. My free, 30-minute consultation provides you with the opportunity to meet me and to decide, stress-free, whether I’m the right fit to join you in your healing journey. It also helps me to ensure that I have the right skills to be able to help you moving forward so you don't waste any time.

During the consultation, you’ll have time to let me know your reasons for wanting to see me in therapy. Afterwards, I'll explain my approach to psychotherapy. Near the end, you’ll have time to ask any questions that might come up for you.
At this time, I only offer in-person individual consultations. If you are looking for couples counselling and wish to start with a consultation, please contact me to set up a phone consultation with both yourself and your partner.

How to pay for Counselling/Psychotherapy?

For payment, I accept cash, Interac e-transfers, and credit cards. For e-transfers, send the payment to

How is my confidentiality protected?

Confidentiality is one of the hallmarks of seeing a therapist. You most likely want to be sure that you are coming to a space that is safe for you to explore the way you relate to the world and with yourself, and that anything that is expressed in the space will be protected by me. Know that your confidentiality and privacy are taken very seriously by me. All of our sessions are strictly confidential and I use the latest encryption technologies to ensure that all information written down is safe and protected. If you ever need to discuss issues remotely, we can use encrypted video technology (I use Skype for Business) as well as Signal messenger, an encrypted and secure chat service.

Is email secure? Can I discuss anything over it?

No, generally email is not secure. There are ways of making sure your email is protected, such as by using specialized email services or programs to encrypt your email, but this isn't an easy task. If you wish to send me personal information over email, please know that I can't ensure that it is secure. I personally prefer that we discuss any sensitive information in person, or over the phone. If you need to send a confidential message to me, I recommend using Signal messenger. Signal is a free and open source app freely available on most platforms (it's currently being used to encrypt WhatsApp). If you'd like help setting Signal up, just let me know.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, I do. I accept Psychotherapy, Counselling, and Psychology insurance.

I am registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) as a Registered Psychotherapist.
My CRPO# is: 006258.
I am supervised by Dr. Bita, a Psychologist.

After payment, I'll send you a receipt which you can use with your insurance company.

As well, some companies (such as banks) have a fund within their insurance that allows you to use the money for anything. That could also be used for my services.

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