"Where you look affects how you feel"

Developed by David Grand, PhD, Brainspotting works by using stable eye positions and sensation awareness to release stuck emotional traumatic patterns caused by PTSD or other early developmental traumas.

This approach is for you if you feel trapped in a traumatic event that keeps repeating itself in your life. You are looking for a focused, research based, approach to face your suffering and reduce, or extinguish, the emotional intensity of that traumatic event.

Brainspotting works by developing attention through the deeper parts of the brain to access the trauma directly.

This approach is both direct and supportive. It works by bringing attention to the somatic symptoms attached to the story of the trauma, since research shows that the pain locked in the deeper parts of the brain are connected to the nervous system. From there, we would locate the eye position to awaken the somatic sensations arising in the nervous system and the brain. At the same time, we would also look for a ‘resource’ point, an eye position that allows for a feeling of calmness. Through these two points, we would work to process and reduce, or extinguish, the intense feelings connected to the traumatic event. 

Brainspotting is for anyone who feels stuck in a pattern in their life that is connected to the fight or flight response. You can know if you’re in the fight or flight response when you experience anxiety, depression, chronic pain, headaches, sweats, difficulty sleeping etc. Any issue that feels disconnected with the life you want to live.

After a number of Brainspotting sessions, clients have reported no longer feeling triggered by memories or experiences in the present, or that they arrive at a place where the trigger is more manageable.

Brainspotting also works well with Gestalt therapy, and we may move between the two depending on your needs in the moment.

*Note: Brainspotting is also available by secure video and can be beneficial for those struggling during the social isolation of COVID-19.

First consultation is free. Most insurance companies cover the cost of sessions.

Cost: $150 + HST per session.

All sessions are 55 mins long.

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