Gestalt therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is an experiential and humanistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy, that works with both your thoughts and your emotions, to help you gain a deeper understanding of where and how you're stuck in your life, with yourself and your experiences.
Gestalt therapists don't only pay attention to you, but also the context you find yourself in.

This is a key part of who you are.

While exploring your past and how it influences you today is helpful, what's important to living a healthier and more peaceful life is to see how those past experiences show up today and sometimes get in your way. It's these patterns, in the here and now, that hold us back from healing and living lives with spontaneity rather than anxiety or depression.

Using Gestalt therapy, we’ll work together in a supportive and challenging way to help you develop greater awareness of yourself and your experiences, in order to explore difficult issues, and replace your struggles with new opportunities.

There's lots of information about Gestalt therapy online, but I found this article to be one of the best written examples answering the "what is" question about Gestalt therapy. When you click on it you'll open a new tab to a website outside of mine.

Mindfulness Counselling

Mindfulness counselling provides tools to help you understand yourself at a deep level, recognising what triggers strong emotions that can leave you feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed.
When we slow down and attune to the sensations and reactions inside, we can learn that we are not those reactions. From here we can work to stop getting stuck in them before they create stress or anxiety. Mindfulness counselling works well alongside Gestalt therapy.

These sessions begin with a short guided meditation. After this, we talk about your experiences.  We will also work together to develop a practice that fits your schedule, to support you between sessions. This could be 5 minutes three times a day or 30 minutes every day.

If you're interested in taking a mindfulness approach, just let me know when booking your free 30 min consultation.

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