Individual Counselling

Up until this point, you have controlled your emotions as best you could.

While your coping skills have helped in the past, these days it feels as if the dam holding back the feelings is about to burst. Whether it’s because of social isolation, struggles in your relationship, anxiety or depression, or physical pain that comes from holding back the feelings, you are overwhelmed with self-criticism, worry, and frustration and you wish it would just go away. 

You’re looking for help before everything comes falling apart … and this is where I come in

Individual Counselling Support Kitchener Online

We will look at your current situation more in-depth to help you understand how you’re stuck and what’s causing the flood of emotions to be so overwhelming. From there we will get to the heart of your difficulties, find a plan, and help you develop skills so you can better manage, or resolve, what’s troubling you.

Our hope at the end of our sessions is that you find relief from your suffering and renewed clarity for a better life.

Our main approach to counselling is Gestalt Therapy. Gestalt is an existential and humanistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy. It works by delving into the experience of who you are through your thoughts, emotions, and movement (the somatic sensations of your experience), to see how you’ve become stuck. At the same time, your experiences will share what is needed to become unstuck. You will be supported along each step, as you and your psychotherapist explores how you work and what has left you feeling trapped and overwhelmed. You’ll find new ways to work with your difficult feelings, as well as the self-criticism and pain. This approach also has the added benefits of deepening your connection with intuition.

Rory also works with Mindfulness and Brainspotting. Mindfulness for therapy aids in relieving stress and self-pressure in order to better ground oneself to do the deeper work in a way that works at your pace. It also aids in promoting the somatic experience of your nervous system and intuition, which goes to the root of our mental health suffering.

Brainspotting is a trauma focused approach to help relieve, or extinguish, the difficult feelings, sensations, and physical reactions that come with mental health related issues (for more information on Brainspotting, see my page here). Brainspotting also works with a mindfulness style based approach that can help you process your experience at the flow that you’re comfortable with.

We both work online and use the latest technology to ensure security and privacy (research has shown that online therapy can be just as helpful as in person sessions, for more info on the efficacy of online therapy, see here).

Initial 20 min consultation is free. Most insurance companies cover the cost of our sessions. Ensure that your insurance covers psychotherapy. We do offer sliding scale on a limited basis, so please ask one of us if there is availability in your initial contact.

Sessions with Rory Nicol: $160 + HST.
Sessions with Frank Marchese: $150 + HST
All sessions are 55 mins long.

* Cryptocurrency is now accepted as payment. Please mention this in your email if this is something you’re interested in.

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