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Support, Honesty, Resiliency, Growth

Do you feel like you’re watching life from the sidelines? Are you finding important moments in your life just don’t bring you the joy and satisfaction that you hoped for? Life doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to step into your life, feel connected, gain the tools to build resiliency, face your challenges, and reconnect with your inner courage, individual counseling can help. I am here to guide you through a variety of counselling and psychotherapy approaches to help you move forward in your life.

My Approaches to Psychotherapy

There are two main types of psychotherapy that I use with my clients: Gestalt therapy and Brainspotting. There approaches offer clinically proven ways to support people in working through challenges that are new, or ones they have been struggling with for years.I encourage my clients to share their history, and get them back in touch with the creative and intuitive parts of themselves, to help them trust their own gut again. Whether you have a specific issue you are looking to finally deconstruct and move past, or you want to work on wisdom and self development through long-term therapy, it is my goal to support you towards who you want to become.

First consultation is free. I accept both Psychotherapy and Psychology insurance.

I am an LGBTQ friendly and sex positive Psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy Support For:

- Anxiety (Fears, Phobias, Panic)
- Depression
- Trauma (Auto/Work Related Accidents, PTSD, Developmental Trauma)
- Relationship Issues (Infidelity, Confusion, Miscommunication, Polyamory)
- Sports Performance
- Chronic Pain
- Addiction Counselling (Alcohol, Video Games, Food, Porn)
- Grief/Loss
- Men's Issues (Erectile Dysfunction, Anger, etc.)
- Personal Growth/Meaning Rediscovering

How I Work

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