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Trauma & PTSD
Anxiety and Depression
Men's Issues
Grief and Life Transitions
Learning about Yourself & How you Live in the World
For when you feel "stuck" in life.


In movies and television, seeing a Counselling Psychotherapist is often shown as a person lying on a couch talking, while a flat faced looking person sits behind them and writes on a pad of paper. But this isn't how most individual therapy or counselling sessions actually work. One-on-one counselling often looks more like a thoughtful conversation between two people, where you lead the session.

How Counselling Psychotherapy Can Help

Counselling Psychotherapy can be helpful in so many ways. For example, when you're dealing with mental health issues like depression or anxiety, struggling with trauma/PTSD, or while going through a crisis (a death or unexpected loss in the family, divorce, or a cancer diagnosis). Counselling can even be helpful if you're simply feeling "stuck" in a particular part of your life. If you've tried speaking with your friends and family, and haven't gotten any satisfying answers, or if there are certain inner struggles you can't share with them, that's when individual therapy can be useful.

In counselling psychotherapy sessions with me, we'll take the time to understand not just your story, but also the feelings behind the story. We'll work together to understand how you sense and interpret your experiences to help you breathe more deeply. My experiences as a therapist and a client has taught me to see mental health concerns as places where people get stuck in personal growth towards being wiser people. It's those spaces, when better understood, where you can learn about yourself more fully to help you live a more meaningful life. Greater meaning can equal greater happiness. When you discover how to flow with yourself and your environment, you open more excitement and vitality to life.

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